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EGS Corporate Business Office Pods are designed to fully meet with Health and Safety in the workspace requirements and to offer a tax efficient solution for both employer and employee.

As many businesses are looking to downsize their offices to significantly reduce their running costs and as ‘remote working’ becomes the ‘new normal’, we think people deserve and need something far superior to the kitchen table or the spare room to work from.


EGS have in response designed a range of fully equipped Office Pods that can be quickly installed anywhere in the UK either on a sale, lease or rental basis specifically for the corporate buyer. These units can be specifically designed to meet the needs of each business and customised and adapted as required to meet both accessibility and eco requirements.


EGS Corporate Business Office Pods provide dedicated ready to go workspaces away from the distractions of the home so as to enhance personal productivity and allow your staff can safely work from home with no compromise. 

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