the Marlborough

total customisable space

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One of our exclusive range of fully customisable designs based on an engineered steel structure that provides something more architectural and different from the usual readily available garden building designs.


Here we supply something that is unique in all respects with regards to size, layout and due to the steel frame, offers the possibility of unique glazing solutions. The inherent frame strength allows for all types of glazing to be considered, be that sliding, bifold or even up to and including automatic blind or electro glass self-frosting privacy options at the push of a switch.

HungerFord Garden Room_Op 1_Rev 00-Loung
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HungerFord Garden Room_Op 3_Rev 00a_Nigh

All other facilities such as the inclusion of leisure storage solutions for bikes, canoes or the incorporation of outdoor kitchens and further protected social spaces can be designed into the unit and its surrounds as required.


Delivery of these bespoke design ranges are supported by our design department throughout and this can also incorporate all aspects of the interior design as required. 

Garden Room_6m x 3m_With Store-Scene Fol
Garden Room_6m x 3m_With Store_Rev 01_In
Garden Room_6m x 3m_With Store_Rev 01_In