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simply beautiful living spaces in your garden.

Stylish, sustainable, chic and flexible garden studios, for homeowners looking for a personal space for work or leisure.

Use one or more of our self-contained and endlessly versatile modules to create a ‘man cave’ or artist’s atelier – or simply as a restful retreat. No matter which configuration you choose and however you use your new living room, it does a lot for the value of your home – and even more for your quality and enjoyment of life.


Usually with no need for a concrete base (or planning permission), they’re simplicity itself to install or relocate – and because they’re designed with sustainability in mind, they’re as eco-friendly as they’re people-friendly.

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HungerFord Garden Room_Op 1_Rev 00-Gamin
HungerFord Garden Room_Op 1_Rev 00-Art S
HungerFord Garden Room_Op 1_Rev 00-Loung

we can create and advise on a full range of interiors.

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HungerFord Garden Room_Op 2_Rev 01-Scene

simply beautiful garden studios and work pods