New Health and Safety Compliant Work Environments

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Home offices solution designed with businesses
in mind

As a reaction to the ‘new normal’ way of working, we have designed a range of solutions to specifically benefit companies who are looking to provide portable work place facilities for their staff working away from the office. 


These spaces are designed to be very quick to install with the minimum of disturbance and provide a correct health and safety compliant fully equipped solution so that staff are up and running quickly and without fuss as either single or double desk versions. 

Construction uses our standard eco aware material solutions along with a wide variety of exterior and interior finishes. 

Please call us to discuss how these units can be uniquely specified to meet your specific corporate requirements. 

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Our pods are supplied on either a rental or outright sale basis and we offer a full range of finance solutions including leasing. The units come fully equipped with a complete range of options such as furniture, storage, IT provision and with heating and air conditioning as standard. Electrical hook up services can also be provided. 

Significant tax advantages should also be available to companies to cover the investment cost of these facilities. At the end of use, either ownership can be negotiated for rental units and the unit left in situ, or they can simply be disassembled and removed by our teams. 


Please contact us to discuss all of the opportunities available and let us provide a real alternative to costly city centre accommodation and the daily commute.


At EGS, we don’t just offer our three unique pod designs. We specialise in offering a bespoke design service for those who want something unique. 


Whether it be that our current pod designs just don’t suit, don’t fit your requirements or you require a little more space for whatever use you may have in mind, our design team are here to help.


If this is the case, we are quite happy to take the time to chat over your intended use and take a brief. We then put our thinking caps on and come up with an outline concept design and show how it would fit into your space. 


Once commissioned we can then formalise and engineer the design and draw up a detailed budget for the build. 


Bespoke is just that. You are free to have whatever you want so long as it’s possible and very little is not!

Key Benefits

Specifically Designed for Business
With substantial numbers of the workforce now expected to, or wanting to work at home in some way, we have designed a specific solution. 


At EGS we believe that working partially at home as well as in the office will become the norm. To this end have designed a range of Office Pod units that provide well-equipped, dedicated workspaces that free people from the distractions of the home.


With the growing trend for employees to wish to work remotely – many businesses are looking at the opportunity to downsize their office spaces and significantly reduce their overheads. Our EGS Office Pod solutions are specifically designed to offer a cost-effective solution to achieve this.


EGS Office Pods would clearly be of greater benefit for many rather than a company car or travel allowance which both attract BIK and P11D costs.

Health and Safety in the Workplace
Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for employees working from home as for any other employees. If you have staff working from home, you must still manage the risks to their health. Our EGS Work Pods meet all current legislation and provide comfortable and safe environments.


Tax Efficient for Business
Businesses who outright purchase, rent or lease our pods will be subject to capital tax allowance rules. Our business pods are temporary relocatable structures and, in many cases, will be eligible for up to a 130% super tax deduction under the plant and machinery allowances. As always a prospective purchaser needs to take their own tax advice on the subject.

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